Does your life suck? Are you tired of struggling with yourself and feeling like you constantly break your own promises? Welcome – How to revamp your life to fucking awesomeness, but only if you’re willing to sacrifice every minute of free time you have.

1. Stop eating gluten.

(Feel uncomfortable right now? Read on: You’re experiencing cognitive dissonance. Your brain currently is aware of the cognition “I eat gluten,” while at the same time being aware of the cognition, “This guy says gluten is bad for me.” Those aren’t consistent with each other – therefore you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, you want to reduce your discomfort. You can reduce your discomfort by changing your attitude to gluten to: “Gluten is bad for me, therefore I will not eat it anymore.” Or you can reduce your discomfort by changing your attitude towards me: “This guy is wrong.” In order to conserve energy and time, your brain will take the shortest path to reducing your discomfort. Which takes more energy – completely changing your attitude towards gluten and figuring out how to go gluten free or believing I’m wrong? Therefore, if your brain works like most human brains do and should, you most likely already think I am wrong and already hate me.)

2. Stop eating vegetable oil. How the fuck do you get pure fat from this? Industrial processing. It’s a whole new chemical that none of your ancestors ever ate and it fucks you up.

3. Stop spending time with fuck boys and dumb hoes. Lol. But seriously, fuck people that suck. You’ve heard it a million times. Next time you’re with someone, ask yourself, “Why do I spend time with this fucking ugly asshole? Is it rewarding because I like his dumbass, or because it makes me feel less lonely?” Alone time is good. You need it. More time to let your brain process shit.

4. Start consuming resistant starch. Info. Don’t feel like reading that shit? I understand, you’re on the internet and you have millions of choices of what to do right now. So most likely, this blog post is not living up to your perceived potential of the how rewarding using your computer should be. Buy this shit and start stirring 2-4 TBSP in water every day and drinking that shit.

5. Get your circadian rhythm right. You need to consistently get 8-12 hours of complete darkness every day. No phone, no lights, black out your fucking windows, the whole deal. And you need to get that time at a consistent time each day.

Why regulating circadian rhythm is important. Why sleep is important. Why you fucking suck.


None of your fucking ancestors had their circadian rhythms as fucked up as yours. So stop being a fucking asshole and fix that shit. Wanna be creative, smart, emotionally stable, awesome, but your not? Maybe it’s because you aren’t sleeping, and sleeping right.

6. Meditate. Wanna be awesome but your not meditating? Well your fucking up. Start. Sit for twenty minutes each day in an upright posture, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Boom. I just taught you how the fuck to meditate. Yes it’s that easy. It’s just like most everything else in life, you just fucking do it. No one can teach you how the fuck to use your brain.

7. Stop blocking out your frustration, sadness, confusion, and anxiety by playing stupid games on your smart phone, watching reality TV, or going through all your friend’s Instagrams. Why are you doing it: because it’s really rewarding, or is it simply to block out a negative emotion? From now on, whenever you catch yourself doing mindless bullshit, stop. Meditate or go for a walk and revel in your fucking discomfort. A lot of shit in life fucking blows dick. Sitting there and feeling it will be the only way your brain will be able to process it. Then you will feel better. It will not be comfortable while you do it – but if you don’t, you will never feel fully comfortable. Maybe that’s why you’re such an awkward piece of fucking shit, because you always feel bad and worried about shit but you never let your brain just fucking feel bad and process it.

If you read all this, I fucking love you and would like to give you a hug. If you actually try this, please please contact me I want to know about it. Also, if you do this, I want to be your friend, because uh…. I’m the only person I know that does this shit. Good luck.

Closing in?

I think I may be closing in on solving my health problems or a good chunk of them.

Every morning I’d wake up, eat breakfast, and feel sooo tired afterwards. I tried all different combinations – only eating fibrous, no-carb veggies, only eating meat with leafy greens, eating a lot of protein without fat, eating a lot of fat with veggies, eating a lot of fibrous veggies with some starch…

and without fail, right after breakfast, I’d be so tired that thinking about walking upstairs to my bed to take a nap seemed like too much.

I’ve learned that the stress hormone, cortisol, in a healthy human, spikes in the morning and decreases throughout the day. 

Maybe because of the cortisol spike in the morning, my digestion isn’t good (cortisol inhibits digestion I think?). I think I have low stomach acid. I would eat breakfast, with already having problems with low stomach acid and the cortisol spike, not digest it well, then my body would be like “well shit we really need to digest this so i’m gonna make u tired as fuk so u go lie down so i can break dis shit down.”

Hopefully I’m not completely wrong – but I’ve completely changed my schedule

First thing in the morning, I do anything I need to do that day, I try to do all my work right then. I have a small breakfast maybe 2 hours after I wake up of just fiber / micronutrients – resistant starch and insoluble fiber from leafy greens. I don’t get the energy crash after! Then I eat a big lunch of about a pound of meat with leafy greens and take a nap right after (I think taking a nap after lunch is a more “normal” pattern?) Then at dinner I eat all my veggies, carbs, and fat.


I don’t like carrying my cell phone or being in the room with my laptop.

It gives me too many choices.

At every given moment, my brain is bound to realize “I could be watching Ted Talks right now,” “I could listen to the new _____ song right now,” “I could be learning about ______ right now,” and “I really should check my e-mail to see if that job responded.”

That amount of choice is paralyzing – I cannot stop my brain from constantly thinking of these things and it prevents me from performing any given task as efficiently as I could were the choice not there.



How can I reduce my amount of choice?That’s the fucking question!!

I thought about downloading music to study and then shutting down my Wi-fi – however, my brain will still know it can go turn the wi-fi back on at any given moment.

I thought about writing a schedule for myself every day that I have to follow and making some kind of punishment for every time I deviate from it – but I know my brain will decide at any given moment to break it and just say “fuck u and ur punishment schedule, do wat tha fuk i want bitch lol suk it”

This is very serious to me – I am off school right now with no duties – but at every moment, like right now, I’m thinking how maybe it would have been a better decision to go to the park, meditate, make music, listen to music, analyze music, or read a book instead of writing this blog post.

This fucking blog isn’t going anywhere why the fuck am I’m writing this anyway? Music is what I really want to be pursuing. The park would have been a great opportunity for my mind to mull over how to reduce my own choice! I would feel so calm and relaxed right now if I had went to the park instead! I want to get to that 2 hour meditation mark and I could have had I not sat down and wrote my blog!

Right now I think the only way is to move somewhere with no internet. But I’ll have the option in my face at all times – I can just come back or go to a fucking internet cafe. So I think I’m doomed with this amount of choices forever.

When I decide whether or not I will have vanilla or chocolate ice cream, I experience my brain making a rational decision of which I will enjoy more.

I experience the feeling of my rational brain – my rational brain works as automatically as my liver or my heart, I simply experience it weighing the options back and forth.

That is my rational explanation for not believing in free will.

However, just as many say they believe in free will because it helps them, I also identify part of my ego with not believing in free will. Thus, I am very resistant to any argument for the existence of free will because I now identify with many comforting beliefs which stem from my belief of a lack of personal free will. 

When I feel awkward in a situation – it wasn’t my fault, something was wrong in my gut biome which made my anxiety higher, or I emotionally felt unconfident because of the situation and was unable to act confident. Because I do not have free will, I cannot increase my own self-esteem by telling myself certain things. 

What’s really right? Can I ever purely objectively believe anything that has any implication to my self of self?

No matter what I believe – one truth does exist. I have free will or I don’t (or some more complex understanding is correct). However, my belief has no influence on what is actually true.