Closing in?

I think I may be closing in on solving my health problems or a good chunk of them.

Every morning I’d wake up, eat breakfast, and feel sooo tired afterwards. I tried all different combinations – only eating fibrous, no-carb veggies, only eating meat with leafy greens, eating a lot of protein without fat, eating a lot of fat with veggies, eating a lot of fibrous veggies with some starch…

and without fail, right after breakfast, I’d be so tired that thinking about walking upstairs to my bed to take a nap seemed like too much.

I’ve learned that the stress hormone, cortisol, in a healthy human, spikes in the morning and decreases throughout the day. 

Maybe because of the cortisol spike in the morning, my digestion isn’t good (cortisol inhibits digestion I think?). I think I have low stomach acid. I would eat breakfast, with already having problems with low stomach acid and the cortisol spike, not digest it well, then my body would be like “well shit we really need to digest this so i’m gonna make u tired as fuk so u go lie down so i can break dis shit down.”

Hopefully I’m not completely wrong – but I’ve completely changed my schedule

First thing in the morning, I do anything I need to do that day, I try to do all my work right then. I have a small breakfast maybe 2 hours after I wake up of just fiber / micronutrients – resistant starch and insoluble fiber from leafy greens. I don’t get the energy crash after! Then I eat a big lunch of about a pound of meat with leafy greens and take a nap right after (I think taking a nap after lunch is a more “normal” pattern?) Then at dinner I eat all my veggies, carbs, and fat.


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